About Relevant China Jobs

Relevant China is set up in 2015. We are a company and platform that providing all-around services for expatriates and foreign companies and organizations in China. We also provide services on recruiting foreign staff and organizing events and activities of international business and cultural exchange for Chinese companies and organizations. Meanwhile, we conduct projects of intercultural trainings and industry tours. We have a young and passionate international team. It’s composed of creative and experienced local and foreign staff. The advantages of multiple language skills ensure our service basis. International mind-set and sight make us always stand in the forefront of the times.


In addition to being the most populous country in the world, China boasts over 4,000 years of rich history and culture. With travel and living costs being extremely reasonable, it is easy to visit famous sites across the country, including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, and the Forbidden City. More and more foreigners are choosing to expatriate here each year.


• People in China have great passions to learn English, especially the Children;

• Foreign teachers are welcomed and popular among language schools and students;

• Qualified English teachers (English as mother tone) are much behind the requirement; 


  • JOB PLACEMENT : We are committed to find jobs for foreign applicants, assist local schools and businesses find talent, and help foreign exchange students find internships.
  • VISA ASSISTANCE:Making the visa process easier and less of a hassle; Taking the guesswork out of filing the paperwork.
  • EXPAT SUPPORT : Residential Services; Language Services; Transportation Services; Travel Services; Legal Support; Healthcare Assistance; Bank Card Set up.


  • We have variety topics of lectures and trainings including but not limited to business, work, study, people, medical, living etc.;
  • The speakers for the lectures and trainings are experts from different areas. They have very rich knowledge on the specific areas and are willing to share them to people;
  • We have professional translation support team during training.